Action Shots

Here, I will try to collect pictures of work in progress, be it melting, welding, turning, or forging.  Some of the pictures will be duplicates, while others will be from projects I haven't posted yet.  

 Either they don't make em' like the used to, or my arms are just WAY to strong....
 This little guy was found on the radio.  VERY out of place in my house.  I included a mechanical pencil for a sense of scale (it just happened to be there)
 The furnace, half bricked. Looks cool, right?
 Action shot!  Note the flame blasting out the tuyere.  The object over the vent is an ingot mold preheating.
 The huge mold ready to pour, except for the plastic wrap over the sprue.  Its hopefully keeping the sand moist.
 Flash was on.  You can see all the junk.  Whoops.

That looks much nicer now, doesn't it.