Saturday, September 15, 2012

A New Crucible Furnace

I good friend of mine called recently and told me he had a crucible furnace for me!  Well, it has arrived.  Its a Johnson 510.  If you have any manuals and whatnot, please comment!

Here is the beast.  Note the side chimney.  The gasses have to actually go down and out, like a kiln.  I suppose its good for efficiency, but you can't see the melt or add metal without opening the lid.

 The blower.  I assume the open pipe is where the gas line attaches.  There is a valve right below it.
 Pilot burner/ignitor?
 The furnace has 2 main burners on tangents.  The one visible here is slightly lower.

 Chamber is 9.5" wide and 11" deep.

 Furnace no. 510
Serial no 1012-T
BTU 120,000