Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pictures of my travels

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Cannon

What says "thank you" like a beautiful cannon?  I just finished this new piece.  Its a six and-a-half inch long aluminum cast dahlgren pattern cannon.  It also came out exceptionally nice.

Freshly cast


Boring out the barrel

Facing off a wheel

Faced off

 Now the other side gets formed

Center drill for the hole

 Drilled through

A complete wheel

 Cannon pieces ready for assemly

Glueing up the carriage


Thursday, August 1, 2013

A month and a half ago, two friends along with myself decided to build a large trebuchet.  I had built a sizeable trebuchet before using recycled wood from my old deck.  It stood about 8 feet tall and hurled a projectile over 100 feet.  The materials were not of high quality though which limited the power of that siege engine.  The new trebuchet was to be larger but most of all stronger, built of better materials and constructed with superior methods.
                                                                  The old trebuchet

The frame would be be built from pressure treated 4x4 posts and 2x4s.  All the joints would be glued and pinned with wooden dowel for a more tradional look and good strength.  Special attention was paid to the throwing arm.  The earlier trebuchet was failing at the main pivot.  The steel bar serving as the axle stood firm as the wooden arm sagged downward under 70 lbs of counter-weight.  The hole through the arm had gone out of round and generally allowed for lots of wobble.  The new trebuchet would have a laminated wood throwing arm with flange bearings to take the load and reduce friction for better performance.
Flange bearings, one inch steel axle, and bolts.

This trebuchet is designed to shoot an object weighing two pounds well over 200 yards
The frame, to be glued and pinned

Throwing arm glued and clamped

Posts all mitred ready for assembly.  

Because this engine is planned to have a great range, firing it in the neighborhood is right out.  That makes transporting this beast necessary.  Each side will be glued solid.  These solid sides will bolt to the base.  Lateral bracing has been designed to bolt on as well.  

More to come!