Friday, May 25, 2012

I've finally come through with pictures!  The lathe has been mounted since spring break in April.  I have already made parts on it, including siphon burner nozzles for the foundry.  I have faced off a mini anvil paperweight as well to test out the versatility.  An amazing fun machine it is.  These pictures show what will be the permanent home, for now of the lathe.  Since I took these, I have added considerably to my tooling.  I bought from a machinist going out of business and from Fazzio's several large drill bits.  One is 18" long and 3/4" across.  I will use it for drilling my miniature cannons.  That bit realistically needs to be used in a longer lathe though.

I have replaced the belt since this picture and welded a 1/4 socket extension, which fits the 3 jaw chuck, to a handle for a chuck key.  It works great.  I use 7mm hex keys for the 4 jaw.  If anyone knows where to buy real 7mm chuck keys, please leave a comment.

Hope you enjoyed.  I will have lots of pictures of machining and projects coming soon!  School is almost out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just showing off another Lathe Picture

I have built a bench and everything for my lathe.  I just need to get around to uploading the new stuff.  Grrrr.  why do I have to be so busy.